Taste of Hudson Valley Bounty

Mon, 08/06/2012 - 5:00pm - 8:00pm

This event will feature dishes prepared by local Hudson Valley Bounty Member chef's that incorporate locally grown and produced food and products from more than 30 local Hudson Valley Bounty member farms.

Our Mission

The Hudson Valley Bounty

When you buy local products you and your family benefit from healthy, fresh ingredients while helping preserve the environment.

Buying directly from family farmers helps to create and maintain a strong, sustainable local economy. With 229 farms, 251 restaurants, and 29 markets, the Hudson Valley Bounty is the only website you need to be a locavore! 

Beth's Farm Kitchen

Jams, marmalades, no-sugar fruit spreads, apple butter, chutneys and pickled & relish products, specialty jellies (garlic, hot pepper, habanero, mint, red tomato, garlic-rosemary) Gift wrapped items, and Cooking with Jams and Chutneys; Beth's Farm Kitchen Cook Book.

Braley's Farm

Vegetables, sweet corn, asparagus, seedlings, pumpkins, flowers, produce, herbs and nursery items
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