Edgwick Farm

We are a micro dairy and creamery that makes fresh farmstead cheese from our own pastured goats in Cornwall, Hudson Valley, New York.

We currently produce the following varieties of farmstead goat’s milk cheese:

Canterbury: a fresh goat’s milk cheese, white and creamy and made from a French chevre recipe.

Marinated Canterbury: a medallion of Canterbury is rolled in herbs de province and smothered in good olive oil with some diced garlic added and marinated until the flavors infuse the cheese.

Trestle: a Italian style fresh goat’s milk cheese shaped like a train wheel and seasoned with herbs. Varieties include basil and garlic, rosemary and cracked black pepper, dill and lemon pepper. It is buttery and rich and made from a ricotta recipe.

Moodna: a Greek basket style feta made from goat’s milk, soaked in brine and then aged for deeper flavor.

Sackett Ridge: a cheddar style made from goat’s milk and aged from six to nine months for sharper flavor.

Firthcliffe: a bloomy rind aged goat cheese with a ribbon of ash in the middle.

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Different Varieties of Goat's Milk Cheeses

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