Our Mission

The Hudson Valley Bounty

When you buy local products you and your family benefit from healthy, fresh ingredients while helping preserve the environment.

Buying directly from family farmers helps to create and maintain a strong, sustainable local economy. With 229 farms, 251 restaurants, and 29 markets, the Hudson Valley Bounty is the only website you need to be a locavore! 

From a small local movement in Columbia County, the Bounty program rapidly expanded to Dutchess, Orange, Ulster and now Sullivan County. These core counties in the Mid Hudson Valley have united together as the Hudson Valley Bounty. Our mission is to educate the community about the preservation of local farms through the purchase and use of local and regional sustainable foods and products throughout the entire Hudson Valley. We also promote and support networking connections between local agricultural producers and culinary businesses. This website is one of our tools to help you locate local product whether you are a chef, a home cook or a tourist looking to visit one of our many gorgeous farms by using our Search feature. To learn more about our efforts to offer education and training please see our Events page.